“My Father’s House,” “Birdman,” The High Window

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“Long and Short of It,” “Reading,” “Flow,” “There’s Always a Moon in America,” “When You are But a Breath of Light,” Mercurious

“Mortality of Film,” JMWW

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“Maiden Voyage,” Jerry Jazz Musician

“Trading Fours,” Jerry Jazz Musician

“Ascent,” Jerry Jazz Musician

“The Sunset and the Mockingbird Suite,” Jerry Jazz Musician

“Convergence,” Jerry Jazz Musician

“In Some Other Home,” October Hill Magazine

“Night of the Fox,” The MacGuffin

“Ouroboros,” “Specter of Brocken,” “The Library” North Of Oxford (October 15)

“On the Slough,” The Comstock Review

“Conquerors,” “Ask the Dust,” Phantom Kangaroo

“Clypto,” Fiction International

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“Riding out the Night Listening to Comedians,” The Pedestal

“Step Along the Way,” Jerry Jazz Musician


“Pointing at the Moon,” Cider Press (Jan 1st)

“The Messenger,” Black Coffee Review

“Holy Grail,” (translation of Marie’s poem) Mayday

“The White Field” (3rd Person), Deep Wild Journal

“Road of Bones,” “Winter Vision,” “Tuesday’s Purge,” Third Wednesday (spring)

“No SOS on,” Channel Magazine (April)

Reading (25:25):

“Re-entry,” “Revisiting Erskine Way,” “Four Way,” Night Heron Barks

“Standing on the Water,” Valparaiso (spring/summer)

“Persian Night,” Mayday Magazine (Nominated for Best of the Net)

“Elemental Magic”/ “Magia Elemental,” Metamorphosis (May)

“Dark Carnival.” “On Becoming,” “Backwards Revolved,” “Prairie Dogs,”

“Prayer for Fishing,” Medusa’s Kitchen (March 21)

“Impressions,” North of Oxford (July 15)

“The Mortal Mind Thinking Deathless Things,” Green Hills Literary Lantern (July)

“Lonesome Driver,” Heartland Review Facebook Page

“Night Prayer,” “Talking to Yourself,” Innisfree (fall)

“Chosen One,” “Patience is My Weapon,” “Dream House,” Verse-Virtual (June)

“Dupont Circle,” Descant

“Paradise Now,” MacQueen’s Quinterly, MacQ-8, (June 15)

“Reentry,” Atlas and Alice

“A Private Investigation,” RiverSedge (Editors’ Choice Award Winner)

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“Lonesome Driver,” “A Stone Tells How It Is,” Poetry South

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“My Father’s House,” “Birdman,” The High Window

“Ganung Agung,” Wanderlust

“Into the Zone,” “Late Night Early Morning,” Goat’s Milk

“Inlanders,” Bending Genres Journal

“Traveler,” Solstice Lit (Nominated for Pushcart, Best of the Net)

“Four Way,” Trampoline

“Sitting in a Chinese Restaurant in Tijuana,” Ariel Chart

“Sitting in a Chinese Restaurant in Tijuana,” “Palely Loitering,” “Where the Spirit Goes,” Free State Review

“Night Bird,” Jerry Jazz Musician

“Screaming into the Well,” Adelaide

“The Ghost Hotel,” Citron

“Jazz,” “Implied E,” Jerry Jazz Musician

“Among the Mystery Players,” Knot

“The Galactic Fantastic,” Jerry Jazz Musician,


“Notes for the Gray Man,” Washington Square Review


“Flowmatic,” The Penn Review (May)

“On Broadway,” Toyon Multilingual Journal of Literature (March)

“Festive Cruise Ships,” “Soul Parts,” Poetry Pacific (May 5th)

“Last Words,” Still Point Arts Quarterly, Shanti Arts

“Vortex of the Sinking Ship,” Mojave River Review

“Vortex of the Sinking Ship,” Oracle

“Coming and Going Itself,” “Pointing at the Moon,” Night Heron Barks

“Penrose Staircase,” “Zen Painting,” Common Ground

“Attractive Nuisance,” Dodging the Rain (June)

“The Way Station,” Owen Wister Review

“The Way Station,” Wellington Street

“Boethius Said,” “Lashed to the Mast,” “Cold Rain on Montparnasse,” MiGoZine

“Infinite Gaze,” “Beauty of the World,” “Widowmaker,” Setu Magazine

“Boethius Said,” “Ivan,” Tipton Review.

“The Street of Lost Steps,” Pigeon Man,” Dream Noir

“Casino People,” Bending Genres (June)

“Success and Publishing, Mythaxis

“Fear and Publishing,” Mythaxis


“Memoriam in A-Flat Minor,” Good Works Review

“Wolf,” Atlanta Review

“A Game of Chicken,” “Rolling the Bones,” Wisconsin Review

“Digging,” Barnstorm

“The Invisible Hand,” Louisiana Literature

“Part Heaven,” “Another Universe,” “Because Soul Can’t Stop,” Cathexis + Interview:

Part Heaven; Another Universe; Because Soul Can’t Stop

“Zen Painting,” Atlas and Alice

“The White Field,” (reprint) Unreal

“Soul Driver,” Bitter Oleander

“Tullianum,” “Fast Awake,” Wayfarer

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“The Blew Eagle Café,” Merak

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“Memento,” The Finger Literary Journal

“And the Wounded Disappear,” Contrary (nominated for Best of the Net)

“Leaving the Field,” Alternating Current

“Notes for the Gray Man,” Another Chicago Magazine

“Notes for the Gray Man” by Douglas Cole

“And That Dark,” Sweet

Getting Yourself Home,” Sandy River Review

Getting Yourself Home

“Dead Center,” Sandy River Review

Dead Center

“The Companion,” Sandy River Review

The Companion

“East Sounder,” Two Hawks Quarterly

 “An Inside Job,” Two Hawks Quarterly


“The Machine Shop at the End of the World,” The Forge, March, 2018

“Trouble Man,” Ginosko, Feb 14, 2018

“Thank the Wind Alive,” Woven Tale Press

“Penrose Staircase,” Woven Tale Press

“Cabin in the Darkness,” Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review

“The Road No One Goes Down,” Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review

“The Divine City,” Penumbra April

“Cartoon Moment,” Penumbra, April

“Estrella,” “Digging,” “Psychopomp,” Unlikely Stories, April 6

“The Doghouse,” Picaroon, Sept 16

“Through the Zones,” “Thought Experiment,” “Diamond,” “Fast Awake,” “Siren Song,” “Morphic Field Hotel,” “The Kiss of Life,” “The Star,” Synchronized Chaos, May

“Penrose Staircase,” “Thank the Wind Alive,” Mojave River Review

“The Ghost Town” (Spokane Derive), Cargo Literary Journal, June

“Healing Rain,” Riggwelter, Oct. 2018

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“Fast Awake,” Rogue Agent Journal

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“The Invisible Hand,” Louisiana Literature

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“Memoriam in A-Flat Minor,” Soft Cartel Magazine

“Siren Song,” Crossways

“Trouble Man,” Wilderness House

“Digging,” South 58

“A Game of Chicken,” “Geometry of Innocent,” Page and Spine

“Mother in the House,” Rolling the Bones,” “The Companion” Page and Spine

“Siren Song,” Coe Review

“Drive Through,” Maudlin House

“Night Watchman,” River Sandha Review


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“Ghost Town,” Lost River

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“Travelers,” The Bleeding Typewriter, March 2017

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“The Fighters,” Page and Spine

“Never Sleep,” Tulane Review

“Burial Ground,” Confrontation

“The Contestants.” Sonic Boom

“Villagers,” Typehouse

“Villagers,” Concho River Review

“Trunyan,” Litro,

“Vacation,” Flash Fiction Magazine

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“The White Field,” Longshot Island, Oct. 19

The White Field

“Morgan Street Junction Café,” The Adirondack Review, Dec 1st

“A Body Appears,” Akashic Books (Monday’s Are Murder Series), Dec 11th


“The Peanut Company,” Gravelmag

“The Hearers,” De La Mancha

“Night Journey,” Best New Writing (Hopewell Publications Anthology)

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“Flight,” Solstice Literary Magazine, spring 2016

“Fukushima Forbidden Zone,” “Time of the Greats,” Pinyon Review

“The Voyagers,” Pinyon Review

“Jazz,” Slipstream (Shadow and Light Theme)

“Cycle,” Texas Review

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“The Bog,” “On Entering,” “Double Bluff,” “Western Dream,” and

“The Consolation of Philosophy,” The Galway Review, August 19, 2016

“Half-Cocked Gun Repair,” Turtle Island Quarterly

“On Entering,” “The Bog,” Hobo Camp

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“The End of the World,” Drunk Monkey

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“Winterfalling,” “Doghouse,” “Eat Stone and Go On,” Degenerate Literature

“New Eyes,” Airgonaut

“Western Dream,” “Virginia Street,” Poetrybay, Long Island Quarterly

“The Key to the Universe,” Edge


Western Dream, Finishing Line Press

“Ascent,” (excerpt from Outcast), Eclectica

“The World Store,” Thumbnail Press (Cobalt) Thumbnail 6

ISBN: 978-1941462102

ISBN: 1941462103

“How Douglas Cole Became a Writer,” Interviews: How to Become a Writer

“Hives,” Talking Writing

“Douglas Cole on Writing,” Interview by Kelcey Parker, Talking Writing

“Red House,” Mainstreet Rag, Volume 20 Number 2

“My Father’s Laugh,” San Pedro River Review

“Getting Home,” Lit Literature

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“Birth,” Jellyfish Whispers

“A Child’s Nightmare,” and “The Swing,” Pyrokinection

“Wind Horse,” Off the Coast

“The Spot,” and “Oblivion Café,” Isthmus

“The Father,” “N.E 130th St,” “Arch Street,” Foliate Oak

“Rory,” and “Warrior Blood,” Bully Anthology, (Kentucky Stories Anthology)

“Eyes in the Back of My Head,” Crack the Spine

“The Spot,” and “Wind Horse,” Mount Hope

“Change of Luck,” Mainstreet Rag

“The Alki Café,” Clover

“The Old Library,” Chicago Quarterly Review

“The Curiosity Shop,” Ocean State Review

The Dice Throwers, Liquid Light Press

“Trunyan,” Common Ground

“The Big Moment,” Torrid Literature

“Politics,” and “The Spot,” Connecticut River Review

“Typhoon Dujuan,” Hawaii Pacific Review

“Night Journey,” Best New Writing (Hopewell Publications Anthology)

“No Return,” Iconoclast

“Hawaii Mind,” Tipton Poetry Review

“Flight,” Wisconsin Review

“The Laugh,” Xanadu


“Theme,” The Unrorean, January

“Sol Duc,” My Favorite Bullet

“Theme,” Two Thirds North

Interstate, (Chapbook), NightBallet Press

“Crossing Guard,” Up The River

“Rory,” and “Warrior Blood,” SNReview

ISBN: 978-1-312-20676-2

“My Friend’s Garage,” “Around Midnight,” Gertrude Journal

“The Spot,” “The Story of Tony,” “Politics,” “Clarity,” “Forest Soul,” My Favorite Bullet

(print anthology)

“At the Silver Tray Bar,” Visions International

“Mandrake Sky,” Badlands

“Wind Horse,” Lipsmack Anthology

“Wanderers,” Talking Writing

“Rock Blasting Area,” Kudzu House, Issue 4.3

ISSN: 2169-4265 (Print)

ISSN: 2169-4273 (Online)

“Counsel,” Dr. T.J. Eckleburg Review


The Ghost, Chapbook

Blue Cubicle Press/Overtime chapbook series of Workers Write Journal.

“Elysian Fields,” Visions

“The Endless Roads,” “Ascent,” “Elysian Fields,” Grey Sparrow Press

“The Lie Detector,” The Chicago Quarterly Review

“Elysian Fields,” Empirical

“The End of the World,” Out of Our

“The Lie Detector,” Tributaries

“Map of the Cascades,” “Echoes,” “All Rivers are One,” “Indian Heaven,” “Saint James

Apartment,” “Sermon in the Bar,” Poetry Quarterly

“Warrior Blood,” Molotov Cocktail

“I Am,” “Workers,” “The Spot,” Ithica Lit

“The Endless Road,” Black & White Vol 2, Number 3

“Marjorie,” River Poets Journal

“Chateau,” Madswirl

“The Spoken Word,” Taj Mahal


“Smoke and Mirrors,” Lines + Stars

“Soiology,” FutureCycle Flash (Print version)

“The Strand of Hair,” Red Rock Review

“Five Points Bar and Grille,” “The Eye Opens” and “The Cave” from Oblivion Night,

Black Heart Magazine

“Trunyan,” Lowestoft Chronicle

Trunyan by Douglas Cole

“Nightride,” San Pedro River Review

“Bliss,” and “Rain,” Solo Novo: 122 Days

“My Women,” “A Stop on the Road,” “Missing Person,” Flashquake.

“Heber,” Grey Sparrow Journal

“The Direction I Needed to be Going,” Spectrum (UCSB)

“The Direction I Needed to be Going,” “Hermit,” (“Knowing the Clue”)


“Cold But Intimate Friends,” IthacaLit

“Cold But Intimate Friends,” Blinking Cursor

“Centennial,” Temenos

“Knowing the Clue,” PAF#9, Penny Ante Feud

“Villagers,” Crucible

“Ashbery House, Erskine Station, Father,” The Best of Clapboard House (print anthology)


“San Francisco,” Underground Voices

“Jesus is a Tether of Light,” (Short Story) Underground Voices

“In Those Days,” Tattoo Highway (21)

“Sociology,” Futurecycle

“No Patent on This,” (Short Story) The Cortland Review

“Rude Mechanicals,” Dark Sky Magazine

“The Octopus,” Bound Off (with recording)

“High in the Middle of the Air,” Fiction Week Literary Review

“In a Nut Shell,” Ascent Aspirations

“Ashbery House, Erskine Station, Father,” Clapboard House

(Best of the House Poetry contest winner)

“Gunung Agung,” Eclectica

“Wolf Moon,” Tattoo Highway


“Lures” and “Holy River Gorge”, Third Wednesday Quarterly

“Sociology,” Kentucky Review


“White Center” Avatar Review

“Chasing Planes” The Adirondack Review


“Merritt of Living,” “The Kiss,” “Blue,” Ascent Aspirations Vol.12, No.2


“Wink From a Blind Man” (Short Story), Avatar Review

“Ghost” (Short Story), Cricket Online Review

“Nowhere” (Short Story), The Salt River Review


“Mind Moon,” The Mid-America Poetry Review 2004

“After Hours,” City Writers Review

“Bar,” City Writers Review

“Night Bird,” City Writers Review

“Nightride,” Curbside Review

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